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27 April 2009 @ 11:24 am
Weekend epic win.  
I don't recall the origin of the phrase "celebrate the victories because they are few" (Bartlett's peeps feel free to school me on this one), but this was simply a wonderful weekend and I'm letting my glee from it carry me into the week.

We went and caught Annex's show, Love's Tangled Web.  After a thrashing review appeared in the Weekly (and, to be honest, a pretty lame crappy review, if that makes sense) it only strengthened my resolve to check it out.  And you know what? It was very close to what I thought it would be: a silly, fun, gay hootenanny.  I actually enjoyed being able to go see a show that wasn't trying to change the world or bring the plight of some tragedy to light (which is also why I never find myself at the Film Forum...I even had free passes that expired because there never was anything I wanted to see).

Anyhow, we got to check out the new burrito place (in the old KFC) before retiring for the evening.

We helped out Gude/Laurance shoot some video for an upcoming Spin the Bottle performance.  I helped summon extra ladies for the "lady filled fun fest" that ensued, which included filming ear-porn, a first for me!

I got some studio work done and then off to dinner with some delightful friends we've been trying to schedule for months.  An awesome evening!! Fantastic food, good conversation, we even played a game (Kendra won).  It was actually very reassuring to hear similar tales of projects in motion and goals to achieve from people we like and respect... and actually in contrast it made our own plans and business models seem quite mature and healthy.  Who knew?

We ended the night popping into ToST to catch the last residency show of Deepsleep Narcotics Company... and wow have they got some kickass new songs.  But with all the food and booze (including the best flan I've ever had) we had to go to sleep.

A looooooooong sleep-filled night, a slow start to the day mapping out a garden and playing with the cats, running some laundry.  Then off to Fog People rehearsal, our first in a month.  Fortunately, it was heaps fun AND we got a lot of work done getting ready for our second show on MAY 23rd. (SAT, mark your calendars) At the Jewelbox.  More info on this to come.

Afterwards, Kendra and I grabbed a nightcap at the Twilight Exit.  It was karaoke night... ugh.  I don't mind it in general, but the problem with the new Twilight Exit is that the walls are very flat and firm, so it ALWAYS sounds loud in the place, even when there's only two people in there.  So there was nowhere to sit where the ear-drum-crushing renditions of bad songs wasn't driving a knife through my head.  But, we had two drinks and then came home and had another deep deep sleep.  

Simple and fun.... hot damn.